About Love, Momma PH

Love, Momma is a brand founded by a mom, who was inspired by all her experiences when she gave birth to her son, Pancho. As a first-time mom, she made sure that all the needs of her baby are met, forgetting that there is one person who should be taken-cared of as well- herself.

The brand wishes to empower mothers and encourage them to rediscover their love for their body without the “mom guilt”. It strives to provide high-quality shapewears at a very affordable price- because moms deserve better alternatives.

More than being a brand, Love Momma hopes to build a community founded on support and inclusivity. After all, the name Love, Momma, represents the founder’s affectionate sign-off to mothers like her. It is also a gentle reminder for moms to continue to love themselves while portraying the most fulfilling role there can be, that is motherhood.