Frequently Asked Questions

In order to provide the highest level of compression and comfort, our shapers are made of Lycra and Nylon.

Lycra is known for its medical uses. Lightweight yet durable, it offers the highest level of compression for postpartum or post-surgery recovery.

Our Love, Momma CURVE shapewear is made of stainless steel bones on the sides for that extra hourglass shape.

Definitely! It offers high compression around your belly, waist, and hips while also providing additional support for core muscles that have been weakened by pregnancy. It also aids in enhancing general comfort and expediting recovery, whether you had vaginal or C-section delivery. Overall, it also shapes your body and gives you the desired "tucked-in" feeling.

You should be able to use the shaper as soon as a few hours after giving birth, or depending on when you feel most comfortable. Before using it, it is of course best to seek the advice of your doctor.

Yes! You can still take advantage of the benefits of the shaper even after months or years of giving birth or when you are not post-partum. Our shaper is made to offer continuous support and compression that will help you grow abdominal muscles with continuous use. It will also help improve posture and decrease water retention.

Our CURVE Shaper has stainless steel bones on the sides, for a more defined hourglass shape, while the other one has none. Some mommas wanted to take their postpartum recovery easy, this we came up with a no-steel bones option.

Please refer to our size chart and size guide illustration for detailed instructions on how to get your size. You can also reach out to us so we can further assist you.

Yes, our clothing is excellent for both working out and sleeping in. When exercising, the support provided by the shaper keeps the stomach in place.

To benefit fully from the support and compression, we advise wearing the garment as often as you can.

For added comfort and hygiene, we advise that you wear underwear underneath the shaper.